The illustrations are done by Dushko Zafirovski

Here are the four Illustrations for Three Monster Magicians and the Princess.


If you are interested in getting an Illustrator for your book, I would highly recommend Dushko Zafirovski. You can check out his work at



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Three Monster Magicians and The Princess

Here is a proof copy of Three Monster Magicians

blue cover-1

I started Three Monster Magicians on 3/03/2017 and this story was a lot harder than my other books. I struggled to write the wolf part.
My favourite character is Princess Sadie’s dragon name Danny, he was a lot of fun to write. I had to say, my favourite part of the story, Danny zoomed into Princess Sadie’s room and attacked her teddy bear.
The original story idea was to have three mice and was going to have it titled The Three Mice Magicians, but I decided not to have mice. I decided to write monsters are a lot of great fun!
The least favourite character to write about is Princess Sadie, to be honest, I couldn’t stand her.
The Three Monsters name George, Marcus and Igor remind me of The Three Stooges for some reason.
I got the original story idea when I was younger I watched an episode of Sesame Street. I remembered the princess was unhappy, and everyone was trying to cheer her up. I wasn’t too keen on the story idea, I had ditched that idea. Unfortunately, the story idea won’t leave me alone.
I don’t plot, I like to see what happens with the story. I started to write it and it wasn’t exciting, was a bit boring. Having an unhappy princess and the three mice magicians trying to cheer her up because she has lost her necklace.
I write fun, fast pace, short books.